Standard and Heated Party Tent Rentals

  New England Bounce About provides high-quality large white tents for backyard parties, corporate events, pool parties, and more. You just can’t predict what the weather’s going to bring, but New England Bounce About allows you to keep the party going, rain or shine. Party tents provide a festive space for your guests to gather in all types of climates.



Heated Tents

We provide heated party tent rentals with sturdy side-walls to ensure a nice, warm place for you and your guests to sit during periods of foul weather, or just to escape the chill of a spring or fall evening. All of our large white tents are kept in pristine condition to ensure that no holes or unsightly discolorations are present, and our team of professionals quickly and expertly handle both set-up and take-down. Curious to see what a heated party tent rental could add to you party? Ensure that your parties are always enjoyed as planned with our selection of party tents. For tent rentals for all occasions in Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY, give us a call at or reach out via email us at info@neba.party for further information.




20x20 Frame Tent

There is not a center pole in the interior of this model. An open tent area results in more room for guests/games .

Buffet = 50 people Sit Down Dinner = 40

Seating Chart


20x30 Frame Tent - $500

Intended for larger gatherings. There is not a center pole in the interior of this model. An open tent area results in more room for guests/games.


40ft Inflatable Dome Tent - $500

?Huge, festive and fun!!? Is how one customer described our massive inflatable dome tent. This giant inflatable tent can provide your guests with shade and protection from the rain. The dome tent can seat up to 100 people making it our largest tent not only in size but also seating capacity. It is also possible to place one of our jumpers underneath the dome tent for shade or shelter from rain. A heater can be placed inside the dome to provide heat during the late fall when the weather starts getting cold. Seating = 100 people


Propane Tent Heater - $100

Propane Tent Heater