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Seasonal Jumpers and Inflatables

Be the house to beat this year on Halloween or add a little extra magic to your family’s Christmas gathering with our expansive array of seasonal jumpers. New England Bounce About offers inflatable holiday bounce houses for every season.  Easter Bunny bounce houses for the spring, huge inflatable water slides for 4th of July summer fun, spooky haunted inflatables for the Fall and Christmas Santa themes for the winter. No matter the occasion, the opportunity to jump in an inflatable holiday bounce house is always a welcome one that will ensure big fun and big memories that kids of all ages will cherish. All of our inflatables receive expert cleaning and tending to after each use, ensuring a fresh first bounce every time. Our team handles the entire installation and tear-down process, so you won’t have to sacrifice a single holiday moment. Start a new tradition this year by renting one of our many seasonal jumpers. Call now at (203) 364-0078 or email at info@nebounceabout.com to book your experience today!

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